Catering FAQ

Wedding catering faq


Wedding Catering FAQ


Why choose Texas Style Wedding Catering?

Texas Style Wedding Catering has years of catering experience and has been ranked one of Dallas Fort Worth’s best catering firms. We pride ourselves in delivering excellent service, and special care and attention to our customers. We understand that each wedding is unique, which is why we take a hands-on approach when planning a reception or rehearsal dinner.

How much does Texas Style Wedding Catering charge to cater a wedding?

Texas Style Wedding Catering works with all budgets. Pricing depends on the chosen menu and level of service you request.

Our catering specialists are experts at figuring out a menu and service model that will please your guests and fit your budget.

How do I begin the estimate process?

The best way to begin the estimate process is to fill out WeddingBBQ Estimate Form, found on our Wedding Catering page. Once we have received your request, one of our specialists will begin working on your estimate and then contact you to review and refine the estimate.

How far in advance do I need to place my order?

Generally, we recommend that our customers start the estimate process four to six months prior to the date of the reception to ensure scheduling availability.

Do I need to pay a deposit to reserve my date?

To reserve your date on our calendar, we require a deposit of 50% of your estimate total. Credit card payments can be made by phone, or a check may be supplied by mail. We can also accept a cash or check for the deposit in person at our offices (by appointment only).

When is my final payment due?

The remaining balance of your bill is due in the final week prior to your event.

When do I need to let Texas Style Wedding Catering know my final headcount?

We schedule a final review for all of our weddings about one week prior to the reception date. During this call, we ensure that all of the details of the reception timeline are accurate. We also “lock in” the final headcount and menu selections for the reception.

What happens after I’ve booked my reception with Texas Style Wedding Catering?

Once we have received the deposit for your event, our catering specialist will schedule your reception – as well as your final review call – on our catering calendar. We request that you stay in touch with our catering office if there are any changes to your plans for your reception. This includes changes to the timeline, headcount, menu, location, or any other changes that might influence the delivery and execution of your catering order.

If you have any questions or concerns between the date your order is confirmed and the date of the final review, please feel free to reach out to the specialists in our catering office.

Can I come by for samples?

Certainly! We are happy to schedule a tasting. Please contact one of our catering specialists to setup an appointment by calling 972-748-6556


Will Texas Style Wedding Catering provide staff to stay on site for the duration of the reception?

Texas Style Wedding Catering offers several styles of services to meet your needs and budget:

• Delivery with Buffet Setup – This option offers exactly what you would imagine. Our staff will come on site, setup your buffet line, answer any questions you might have about handling the product, and then depart. (Not generally recommended for most wedding receptions)

• Attendant Service – Our attendant service is our most popular option for wedding receptions. With this option, our attendants not only setup the buffet line, they also stay on site to replenish pans of food and maintain your buffet line. At the end of dinner service, our attendants will break down the buffet line, and wrap up any leftovers you might have for easy transport. With the attendant option, the serving line is “open” on both sides and guests serve themselves.

• Full Service- This option is similar to the attendant style service with a few differences. With this service option, guests have access to one side of the serving line and our servers are stationed on the opposite side of the buffet table. Our servers portion food out for your guests as they move down the buffet line. The full service option generally requires more staffing than the attendant style service.

Can I rent tables, chairs, or linens from Texas Style Wedding Catering?

Texas Style Wedding Catering Does  not provide tables or chairs for guest seating. We provide tables for your buffet. If you require cloth linens, or tables and seating for your guests, we can assist in coordination of those items with your reception venue or a rental service.

Does Texas Style Wedding Catering offer bar service?

Texas Style Wedding Catering Does not hold a liquor license and does not offer bar services. We can provide non-alcoholic beverages such as tea, lemonade, canned sodas, and bottled waters. We work with many bartending services and can assist you in arrranging this.

How long will Texas Style Wedding Catering’s staff stay onsite?

The time that our staff is scheduled to arrive on site and depart varies based on a number of factors. Our catering specialists will work with you to determine the timeline for the event and include a rough timeline on your estimate when it is created. Generally our staff arrives at least one hour prior to the scheduled service time to begin setup.

What happens with my food once the buffet line is closed?

Our staff will wrap up any leftovers you may have at the end of dinner service for easy transport. Generally, the food is then stored in a refrigerator or kitchen within the wedding venue until the end of the reception. We encourage our customers to coordinate with a friend or relative who can transport the food at the end of the night or the following day. Please note, many venues require all leftovers to be removed from the facility once the event is over.

Is a gratuity included on my order from Texas Style Wedding Catering?

Events which include attendants or servers also include a 15% service fee which will be reflected on the estimate and invoice for your event.

Menu Creation

Will Texas Style Wedding Catering let me know how much food I should order for my event?

Yes, our expert catering specialists will work with you to determine how much food you will need to feed your guests. You simply select the items you would like to include on your menu, and we will take care of the rest.

Can I request something that’s not on Texas Style Wedding Catering’s menu?

From time to time customers have a special request for an item that does not appear on our regular catering menu. We do our best to accommodate these requests but off-menu items are handled on a case by case basis. Please, feel free to ask. We are happy to look into the feasibility of off-menu items.

Does Texas Style Wedding Catering have any vegetarian options?


If you have strict vegetarians or vegans among your guests, please bring this to the attention of our catering specialist so that we can provide further guidance about our vegetarian options.

Does Texas Style Wedding Catering have options for guests with food allergies?

We take allergy concerns from our guests seriously at Texas Style Wedding Catering and often get questions related to a variety of ingredients. Gluten, soy, peanut, egg and dairy allergies are just a few of the items our customers have expressed concerns about.

We strive to provide options that all of our guests will be comfortable consuming, however we also source our ingredients from a variety of vendors. Even when we know that a certain recipe does not contain a specific allergen, we are not always in control of the end-to-end processing for every ingredient.

Some of our vendors may process a variety of ingredients on a single piece of machinery or within the same facility. Due to this fact, we are sometimes forced to advise our customers that we cannot guarantee with 100% certainty that our products do not contain a particular allergen.

In the end, we feel it is always better to put the safety of our guests first. Our specialists will not recommend a product if we feel there is even a slight chance that it would provoke an allergic reaction.

Please bring any allergy concerns you may have to the attention of our catering specialists when planning an event.

Equipment & Setup

How will Texas Style Wedding Catering setup my buffet line?

In most cases, the buffet line is arranged with setups (i.e. plates, forks, napkins) at the head of the buffet line. We typically recommend starting with meats, followed by the sides.

We also recommend establishing a separate table for condiments as well as a separate table for beverages to ensure things run smoothly and guests are able to move through the line efficiently.

We are happy to arrange an on-site review to discuss the specific layout plans for your venue.

If you have something specific in mind for the buffet layout, plates and flatware, glassware, or any other items that would alter the way food will be served to your guests, please bring these concerns to the attention of your catering specialist.

What sort of equipment will Texas Style Wedding Catering use on my buffet line?

Most of the equipment we use for our wedding buffets are made of stainless or galvanized steel. Our beverage dispensers are glass with stainless hardware and galvanized stands. There are sample pictures available of these items in our Wedding Catering Gallery.

Venue & Location and more wedding catering FAQ

How far does Texas Style Wedding Catering travel?

Due to certain logistical concerns of effectively executing a your wedding reception, we cannot schedule a delivery at any venue that is more than two hour distance from our facility.

Can Texas Style Wedding Catering cater my reception if they aren’t on my venue’s preferred vendors list?

Some venues are willing to make exceptions concerning their preferred vendors, others are not. This is something that is handled on a case by case basis. If your venue does not currently list Texas Style Wedding Catering as a preferred vendor, please let us know and we would be happy to reach out to them to inquire about the possibility of including Texas Style Wedding Catering as a vendor.