Our Wedding Catering Menu

Wedding Catering Menu

Wedding Catering at Texas Style Wedding Catering is our specialty. We take pride in creating one of a kind BBQ  or Texas Style catering menus for your wedding guests. However, If you want something  for your special day that you don’t see here, contact us. Working with you closely to design a bbq catering menu or Texas style menu that meets your requirements and dietary needs of your guests. Our primary goal is make your day special. We are always happy to meet you for a tasting or to answer any questions. Just call, text, or email us.

BBQ Catering Menu Service Styles

We have several different styles of service to accommodate your wedding. We provide the level
of service that you require, from informal backyard BBQ wedding for family and guests to formal wedding rehearsals and receptions.

All menus are customized for your needs, this is just a sample. Also check out our Wedding Catering Photo Gallery for samples.

Texas Style and BBQ Catering Menu

Steak Dinner Catering Menu:

Texas Ribeye Steak

Baked Potato with all condiments


Fresh baked rolls and butter

Iced Tea, Lemonade, Water

BBQ Catering Menu:

Slow Smoked BBQ Meats:
Chopped or Sliced BBQ Brisket (carving station recommended)
Pulled BBQ Pork
Smoked Sausage
Award Wining Ribs
Smoked BBQ Turkey
Slow Smoked Ham
Smoked BBQ Chicken

Side dishes:
Mac ‘n Cheese
Fresh Made Potato Salad
Seasoned Pinto Beans
Green Beans topped with Bacon & Almonds
Grilled Vegetables
Texas Barbecue Beans
Fresh Cole Slaw
Vinaigrette Pasta Salad

All wedding Caterings include barbecue sauce, relish tray (pickles, onions, and peppers), fresh baked rolls, and ice tea or lemonade. Sugar and Sweet ‘N Low, and lemons included.


Chips and Salsa

Barbecue Drumettes

Smoked Stuffed Jalapeños with Creme Cheese

Vegetable Tray

Seasonal Fruit Tray

Cheese and Cracker Tray

BBQ Sliders, your choice of ham, smoked brisket, or turkey

Dessert Options:

Fresh Baked Peach or Apple Cobbler

Assorted Cookie and/or Brownie Trays

Texas Style Wedding Catering offers several styles of services to meet your needs and budget:

• Delivery with Buffet Setup – This option offers exactly what you would imagine. Our staff will come on site, setup your buffet line, answer any questions you might have about handling the product, and then depart. (Not generally recommended for most wedding receptions)

• Attendant Service – With this option, our attendants not only setup the buffet line, they also stay on site to replenish pans of food and maintain your buffet line. At the end of dinner service, our attendants will break down the buffet line, and wrap up any leftovers you might have for easy transport. With the attendant option, the serving line is “open” on both sides and guests serve themselves.

• Full Service- Our most popular option, and highly recommended for weddings. This option is similar to the attendant style service with a few differences. With this service option, guests have access to one side of the serving line and our servers are stationed on the opposite side of the buffet table. Our servers portion food out for your guests as they move down the buffet line. The full service option generally requires more staffing than the attendant style service.